LTL stands for Live The Language and if one thing epitomises our motto, it’s our wonderful homestay families who host our students.

80% of all LTL students opt to live with a homestay family to boost their language skills further.

A homestay in Tokyo provides you with the most authentic and immersive experience.

LTL Homestay in Chengde



All courses at LTL are taught by qualified and experienced native language teachers.


Books and study materials are included. There are no other hidden fees to worry about.


Our roll of honour is impressive and only growing. Check out all our reviews online to see why.


We have over 15 years of experience teaching languages to students.


Our homestay option is by far the most popular with our students, and it’s easy to see why! Over 80% of LTL students opt to stay with a homestay family.

A homestay in Tokyo allows you to bond with your homestay family, enjoy genuine, authentic home cooked food, and partake in weekend activities together.

  • Complete Immersion
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Two Meals a Day

USD 292 / WEEK

  • LTL Seoul Homestay - Student Elia


Will you send me information about the homestay before?

Yes we will send you an information pack to your email.

Can I stay with a homestay without an LTL course?

No you can’t. These are reserved for our students only.

Can someone stay over?

No this is forbidden.

How can I wash my clothes?

Every homestay will come equipped with the necessary facilities.

All homestays have washing machines and everything you need to freshen up your wardrobe.

If you’re lucky, your homestay family may even do your washing for you!

Can I lock my bedroom door?

Yes you will have maximum privacy so there is no need to worry.

How do you choose my homestay family?

We do our very best to get to know you before placing you.

We want to get an idea of what makes you tick. Your likes, your hobbies, your passions etc.

As we have a wide range of families all with different traits and hobbies, this allows us to make the perfect match.

If I don’t want to stay in a homestay, what are my options?

Accommodation in Japan isn’t cheap typically. You’ll be best off looking on websites like, and and booking as far in advance as possible to get the best deal.

Can I change my homestay family?

You can, but speak to us and we’ll try and find a way to resolve it. Typically we can find a solution.

Changing homestay is a rare situation so we’d hope it’s something you don’t experience.

What if I arrive home late?

As long as you show respect and don’t make loud noises then this is fine.

Can you pick me up from the airport?

We can indeed yes.

You can also make your own way to your homestay in Japan if you fancy a challenge.


An LTL student advisor will reach you within 24 hours and get your course booked up in no time.